The wood burns clean and hot, and lights easily. It's the right size for small pizza ovens like the Ooni. The customer service and communication is terrific and the wood arrives in a heavyweight box that's easy to move.

Morgan J.

From the time I place the order to the time of delivery was less than three hours! The wood is the perfect size for our new dome pizza oven. It made the best birthday gift for my husband.

Brianna D.

Love the pizza wood for small ovens. Lights easily burns hot and even. It is the perfect fuel for the Gozney Dome.

Shawn W.

This Pizza Wood is incredible. Starts up supper easily and burns hot. My pizza never tasted so good. I highly recommend.

Matt J.

Awesome Product! First time ordering. Was NOT disappointed!! Quick start and very good flavor!! Will continue to buy!!

Byron S.

I am so happy with my pecan and cherry wood chunks from Cutting Edge Firewood! The Chunks smoked great in my Kamado Joe.

Turk H.

Unbelievable! Burns clean and is the best I have ever used. Service is second to none.

Keith L.

The wood is clean, dry, and burns better than any other firewood I’ve ever purchased.

Bill R.

Outstanding! Impeccable service and product. Every fire is easy to start and amazing

Chuck S.

I have had a wood fired pizza oven for a good six years or so as you can see in the pics attached. I made it through all the bad pizza lessons you could imagine working the dough and other ingredients to craft the perfect method for Neapolitan pizza. I was frustrated over the years finding consistent, dry, clean wood. Here in Maryland what was considered kiln dried was first stored outside and aged, then finally at some point sent to a kiln for a few hours at best. I believe I have now found the perfect wood at Cutting Edge. Everything is in balance, temperature, flavor, and time. The close up picture with the pizza and a piece of wood burning behind it tells the story. It burns across the whole stick, evenly lit, hot bright flame. Lights quick and easy. It took half the time to bring the oven up to temp, and half the wood. In fact I could control the temperature so easily with this wood because it was an immediate contributor of heat rather than taking heat to smolder and dry out before truly burning. The pizza tasted clean and crisp like it should. By far the best wood for any oven – I am so pleased I have found the right source!

Greg A.Maryland

Bought for my parents who used with the Cru 32 oven. The wood came to temp right away and the cuts are perfectly sized! She said it was a world of difference compared to basic firewood. 5 stars


Whether it’s pizza, wings, steak or bread, Cutting Edge Firewood gets it done. Burns true and consistent each and every time. No harsh chemical smells, just pure smoke and heat the way nature intended.

Scott Birdie

Just wanted to send a note and let you know how much better our pizzas are using your pizza cut wood in our outdoor oven. We only use a handful of a ingredients for the pizza so treating the wood as one of those special ingredients has been a game changer. Thanks so much for a quality product and great service!

Kim and John Logan

From ordering online to delivery. Cutting Edge has impeccable customer service and absolutely beautiful wood.

Craig B.

Love the boxes the chunks of wood comes in! Nice thick chunks that works for my vertical charcoal smoker.

Craig B.

Whether it’s pizza, wings, steak or bread, Cutting Edge Firewood gets it done. Burns true and consistent each and every time. No harsh chemical smells, just pure smoke and heat the way nature intended.

Scott Birdie

Love the boxes the chunks of wood comes in! Nice thick chunks that works for my vertical charcoal smoker.

Antonio J.

Delivery was awesome and firewood perfect. Timely and awesome service.

Howard G.

We’re in love with the cherry wood smell— but the thing that will bring us back to Cutting Edge was the *truly truly truly* exceptional customer service.

Eugene P.

This is beyond a doubt the best firewood I’ve ever purchased. Creates a beautiful, blazing hot, actual heat producing fire.

Terri K.

Absolutely the best run company imaginable!

Homer R.

Great burn and taste for my pizza! The pizza wood from cutting edge is amazing . I have just received my second box. The wood is clean and burns efficiently. It’s adds great flavor to the pizza like you expect from a wood oven pizza. But does not over power the pizza. I have gone through a box already this summer. It would say I made 12-15 pizzas in the small box. I highly recommend this wood for pizza ovens. I have the Kankay Forno oven/grill from Argentina and the cutting edge pizza oven wood fits like a glove. No cutting. I also got the starter kit and with one match I can go from wood to ready to start in about 10-15. Minutes. The wood burns at a constant temperature and rate and in my oven a perfect pizza in about 10 min. It all starts with great wood.


Incredible guys, great product, even better experience. Within 24 hours of reaching out, we had a new fire pit delivered, installed, and working - as well as a full rack of the best firewood I’ve ever seen. Seamless and accommodating. Great work guys.

Jeramy Ragsdale

Great burn and taste for my pizza! The pizza wood from Cutting Edge is amazing.

Dusty R.

Awesome Firewood, best service in the world!

Joe James

I LOVE how this wood ignites and burns.

Chuck D.

Absolutely the best run company imaginable! From my initial order processing to delivery of my firewood, their customer service was incredible! Daryl, the Artisan (is that not a great term or what) who delivered my firewood was the best ambassador ever for Cutting Edge Firewood. The enthusiasm and pride of the employees was evident every step if the way! I look forward to a continued relationship with all these folks.

Homer Rose

Best Matches I've bought! I'll admit I was skeptical at first, but I do not regret buying these matches! There are plenty of them in the box and they all strike well. Plus they are long enough to light the biggest cigars with one match. The last thing we all need is a relaxing evening with a cigar to be ruined by crappy matches! I will definitely be buying these again!


Just came over to buy some firewood for my pizza oven and I want to let you know these guys are awesome. They sure know what they’re doing and you can go around behind your product. For sure the best in Atlanta.

Al Fernandez

Awesome Firewood, best service in the world!

Joe J.

I Live in California. Based on reviews i was excited to receive my CHERRY Firewood for my fire-pit from Cutting Edge. My family and i wanted the best firewood with less smoke. great burn and scent. We opted for Cherry since it burns cooler than Hickory or Oak for the summer nights. When i inspected the firewood several had growth on them and i was not sure if it was mold. so i contacted Cutting Edge to advise. Ashley requested to text several photos and her team would take a look. The very next day i got a call from Ashley. Although her team could not narrow down exactly what was on the firewood she advised me Cutting Edge would send out a whole new Box Set -free of charge. I was NOT expecting such a quick response let alone a entire new Box Set.Cutting Edges excellent customer service and quick response alone is TOP NOTCH and gives me the confidence they stand by their products 100%. New Box was received this week with NO issues. Cutting Edge has definitely earned my business for years to come with Outstanding Customer Service along with Superior products. Will NOT hesitate recommending to all my Family and Colleagues.

Raymond Alcarion